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Equipment Indication Lamps 12V 24V 120V 220V thread fixed la


Miniature low voltage bulb with 10mm diameter MES/E10 screw thread

Customized miniature LED bulb 360 degree light output

High-quality SMD LED !!

thread fixed lamp type E10 LED LAMP

Item No. : BA9S-XA

Voltage:  3.5V / 6V / 12V / 24V / 120-130V / 220-240V / 380V / 440V (bipolar)

LED Color: Red / Green / White / Yellow

Bulb Size: ø10 x 23mm

Base: BA9S / E10

LEDs: 6 Chip  Super bright  (Bridge rectifiers + resistance)

Viewing Angle: 180°

Power: 0.5W

Current: < 16mA

● Bridge rectifiers + resistance
● Dual polarity
● IP65


Miniature led bulb 12V / 24V / 36V / 120V / 230V / 380V

NEW 6 Chip 24V 120V 230V Indication Lamps for Boiler,Turbine& Distillation Equipment Indicator lamp IP65

led replacement lamps
T-1 ¾ Sub-Miniature LED Replacement Lamps

T-1 ¾ sub-miniature LED replacement lamps come in a variety of colors and voltages

direct incandescent replacement LED lamps deliver improved illumination, durability, and long life. The T-1 3/4 sub-miniature LED lamps are drop-in replacements for the less efficient filament lamps typically used within pushbutton switches and indicators.

T-1 ¾ sub-miniature LED lamp (light bulb)
Voltage: 1.5 VDC to 440 VDC
Base: bi-pin, bayonet, flange, groove, screw, and wedge
Available in six LED single colors: red, amber, green, orange, blue, and white
Available in one bicolor: red/green
Low power consumption: uses up to 90% less energy than an incandescent lamp

Single chip based LED

Direct incandescent replacement
Mounts directly into industry standard sockets
Low heat generation: LEDs operate significantly cooler than traditional lamps
Designed for quick installation and reduces overall cost due to less frequent replacements
Fast on/off cycling, shock resistance, and long operating life

Compliant with RoHS and REACH

Industrial equipment
Status indication

Ideally for electricity equipments, textile machines, printers, ships, mining machines, etc for signals indication.Plastic shell

can used it direct and convenient.
thread fixed lamp type E10 LED LAMP

pin fixed type BA9S LED LAMP

the circuit increases the bridge stack rectification, the quality is more stable
the 4 chips are changed into 6 chips, the brightness is doubled

LED Indicator Lamps, 6Vac/dc Brought to you under the trusted NICEBULB Brand, these MBC BA9s and MES E10 single chip LEDs are designed for use with transformer lamp holders. Featuring either a bayonet style or screw-in termination, the LED indicator lamps in this range are available in red, yellow, white, green and blue variants. NICEBULB Brand LED Indicator Lamps combine high brightness with long life and low energy consumption. Features and Benefits Centre base contact anode for dc use Reverse polarity protection diode 50000h life expectancy

Replace Normal Type BA9S-X